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Thread: declare statement - file not found????

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    rajit Guest

    Default declare statement - file not found????

    I have this following statement in my VB COM:<BR><BR>Private Declare Function STMPROP Lib "steamdll.dll" (ByVal text As String, a1 As Single, a2 As Single) As Single<BR><BR>When I ran this on PWS, things were OK (steamdll.dll was residing in the same directory as COM). Now I moved this COM to IIS server (hosted by and I get "steamdll.dll file not found" error msg. I copied steamdll.dll file in every possible directory and I still get file not found.<BR><BR>I used server.mappath to get physical path and hardcoded the steamdll.dll file in declare statement but still I get the same error msg.<BR><BR><BR>How should I resolve this. Can anybody help me......<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Sampath Guest

    Default RE: declare statement - file not found????

    May be to check for older version of that particular file or else delete ir and register it fresh in IIS server.<BR>You have to install this DLL through MTS.

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