just help me out in building this functionality or a place where i can<BR>find help regarding this,i know how to download and upload a file which iam<BR>doing by using a third party control sa-file up.u might have observed this<BR>in any of online banking services.<BR><BR>Download Account Details and Transactions .<BR>Bank Customer indicates the financial package format for downloading the<BR>account details and transactions from the following options:<BR>Money 98 and Money 99 (OFX)<BR>Money 97 and Older (OFC)<BR>QuickBooks (IIF)<BR>Quicken (QIF)<BR>Excel (Tab Delimited Text)<BR>The system prompts the user to enter the saving location.<BR>Bank Customer enters desired location for the downloaded file.<BR>The system saves the account details and transactions in the desired format<BR>and location.<BR>Millions of Thanks in advance.