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    Is it possible to put a hyperlink in an alert box? I&#039d like to inform visitors if their screen resolution is smaller than recommended for my site, and provide a link to a page that would give them directions to change their resolution.<BR><BR>If it&#039s not possible, is there another easy way to pop up a message with a hyperlink?

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    hi, Erich!<BR><BR>I&#039m sorry but I think there&#039s no way to put a hyperlink in an alert box, since alert boxes messages are treated as labels, and these are treated as plain text, not html.<BR><BR>But think of these two options:<BR>- you can ask the user if he wants to change the screen resolution, instead of giving him a hyperlink, using the window.confirm(&#039your message&#039) method:<BR><BR>&#060;script&#062;<BR>if (window.confirm(&#039do you want to change?&#039))<BR>{<BR> window.navigate(&#039hires_page.asp&#039);<BR>}<BR >&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR><BR>- you could also open another window, which would remain open for a few seconds, and contained a hiperlink for the hi-res page.<BR><BR><BR>Bruno (brunosantos@rj.net)

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