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    Conrad Smith Guest

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    What is the syntax for test equality, especially using Booleans? Is it:<BR><BR>my_var = true<BR> or<BR>my_var == true<BR>?<BR><BR>A side note: this is the most helpful and useful board I have ever been to. Kudos to the good people.<BR><BR><BR>Conrad

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    Javascript ==<BR>VBScript =

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    Conrad Guest

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    Then what how do you tell if it is an assignment or a test?

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    You don&#039t<BR><BR>x = 1 will set the value x to 1<BR>while ...<BR>y = x = 1 will assign True to y<BR>and ...<BR>z = x = y = 1 will set z = false<BR><BR>That makes thing interesting don&#039t it?<BR>

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