What are the PROS & CONS of .tem files ?????

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Thread: What are the PROS & CONS of .tem files ?????

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    Hi all!<BR>Can someone help me?<BR>I&#039m trying to understand what are the PROS & CONS of using .tem files. The reason I&#039m asking this question is because I&#039m working on a E-commerce website and right now I&#039m using the "Cybercash&#039s" files and in them they use .tem files which contains all the &#060;HTML&#062;...&#060;/HTML&#062;. The problem is that &#060;%%&#062; tags aren&#039t working in .tem files, and I&#039m having real troubles with these files(.tem)<BR><BR>So if someone could please explain me what are the PROS & CONS of .tem files<BR>Thanks<BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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    Hi,<BR>That tem files in Templates directory are called by .asp file for credit card validations,thatnk you message,checking for any errors in your configuration etc.First the component reads first the .asp file and if any config errors then TempDifficulties.tem will be activated --If the configuration settings is not correct or if any network error occurs, this page will be displayed. so on and so fore.<BR><BR>Hope it gives some idea to you.<BR><BR>you can reach me at samvs@onebox.com<BR><BR>Sampath.

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