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    John McArthur Guest

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    Can anybody help?<BR><BR>When trying to update a recordset, i get the following message<BR><BR>Error Number=3219<BR>Error Descr.=The operation requested by the application is not allowed in this context.<BR>Help Context=0<BR>Source=Microsoft VBScript runtime error<BR><BR><BR>Can anybody help?

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    Could you give us a piece of the code? From just the error we can help only a little bit. Sounds like you&#039re trying to put a string into a INT field or something... but I can&#039t tell w/o the code.<BR><BR>Ben

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    John McArthur Guest

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    Ok, no problem.<BR><BR>As you can see, I&#039ve commented out all the code replacing the data, except for the short description which is text.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>John<BR><BR><BR> p_BugID = request.cookies("CurrentBug")("BugID")<BR> p_User = request.cookies("Login")("UserID")<BR><BR> sqlText="Select * from bugs where bugs.BugID=" & p_BugID<BR> <BR> set UpdateSet=server.createobject("ADODB.recordset")<B R> sqlText,BugDb,adOpenDynamic,adLockOptimistic,adCmd Text <BR><BR> p_Status = Request.form("StatusDrop")<BR> p_Level = Request.form("LevelDrop")<BR> p_Assign = Request.form("AssignDrop")<BR> p_Short = Request.form("ShortDesc")<BR> p_Long = Request.form("LongDesc")<BR><BR> On Error Resume Next<BR> BugDb.BeginTrans<BR><BR> if p_Status &#060;&#062; UpdateSet("BugStatus") then <BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugStatus")=p_status<BR> end if<BR> if p_Level &#060;&#062; UpdateSet("BugLevel") then <BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugLevel")=p_Level<BR> end if<BR> if p_Assign &#060;&#062; UpdateSet("BugAssignedID") then <BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugAssignedID")= p_assign<BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugAssignedDate")=date<BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugAssignedTime")=time<BR> end if<BR> if p_Short &#060;&#062; UpdateSet("BugShortDescription") then <BR> UpdateSet("BugShortDescription")=p_Short<BR> end if <BR> if p_Long &#060;&#062; UpdateSet("BugLongDescription") then <BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugLongDescription")=p_Long<BR> end if<BR> <BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugLastUpdateID")=p_user<BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugUpdateDate")=Date<BR>&#039 UpdateSet("BugUpdateTime")=Time<BR><BR> UpdateSet.Update <BR>

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