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    I am working on a rather large ASP application that currently contains has very few comments and has almost no documentation. Can anyone suggest how I might go about adding comments and developing documentation? Are there any good tools to assist in this?<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Sven

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    I don&#039t know of any tools that do it for you but I tend to have a document that contains a hierarchy diagram of the web pages and then for each page I write a description of what the page does, I list any session variables used and where possible a description of what parameters each page requires to fulfill the functionality for that page (i.e. if the page requires an id no, a session variable, etc.. then I have a record of this).<BR><BR>I try to avoid writing too many comments into the code itself because each line is read before being parsed to HTML, I believe this slows the process down, but then how much can it really slow it down?

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