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    I am trying to create a combo box setup that draws an, say employee id from one table (a employees wages table) and displays the employees name based on employee id corresponding with the employee table (this table has their details in,name,address etc). I can do this fine, what i need to do and cannot work out, is when i drop down the box i need the rest of the employees names kept in the employees table to display, i can do this with two queries but it produces the employee name twice (because it calls the employee once and writes it, then does it again when i list all employees).. SO.. hehe, my question is how do i list all employees and have the one from the other table automatically selected!!!...<BR><BR><BR>- Thanks if you can help me..

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    A "combo box" is one where the user can *either* drop down a list and make a selection *or* simply type in a new value. HTML does not support combo boxes. You can make a fair imitation of one using DHTML and some JavaScript, but I don&#039t think that&#039s what your after.<BR><BR>Go visit and look at *all* the wondrous material on list boxes that is available there. If you don&#039t find an answer in all that, come ask again.<BR><BR>

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