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    I have just downloaded PWS. There were no errors and everything looks OK. However, I have created a test ASP using VBScript and a Microsoft Access db and it does not seem to access the database. Is there any way of checking that PWS is set up correctly.

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    where did you install PWS, on an NT workstaion of windows 95/98? if its NT workstation then we have the same problem.. but if its windows 95/98, you did the right thing on doing a test asp, but dont connect it to the database yet.. if you could open the test.asp then your PWS is working.. then try to connect the database and make sure your connection string is right.. tell me what error message you see after..

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    Please forgive me for asking this, but you say you downloaded it with no errors, but did you install it? Usually PWS will put a shortcut on your desktop and the text under the icon will be "Publish". If you don&#039t have that on your desktop you may be only half done.<BR><BR>If you did install it, then go to your browser and type "" in your address line, hit enter, and you should get the default home page that PWS installs.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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