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Thread: How to Register Windows Script Components in Serve

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    Hi.<BR><BR>Anyone knows how to register a Windows Script component in Server when I don&#039t have access to explorer? Can I use ASP to do this?<BR>In the server I can&#039t register DLLs for security reason.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Tucked away in the help file is this (which might work):<BR><BR>"If you do not have the version of Regsvr32.exe that ships with the script component package, use the existing version and register the script component run-time DLL using syntax such as the following:<BR><BR>regsvr32 scrobj.dll /n /i:URL/component_name.ext<BR><BR>For example, to register a script component called MyComponent.wsc, use syntax such as this: <BR><BR>regsvr32 scrobj.dll /n /i:http://myserver/MyComponent.wsc"<BR><BR>Woo Hoo.<BR>

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    The only way to register ANY COM component (and script components are technically COM objects) is to be physically on the console of the server where you want to run the object. Whether you do it in Explorer by right clicking and choosing "Register" from the context menu or doing the command line thing in the other post you MUST be on the box. There is no way to remotely register a component. You can use DCOM to remotely CALL a component already registered, but without access to the console of the machine it ain&#039t gonna happen any time soon.<BR>

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    Tim Metzler Guest

    Default GetObject()

    I think what you are looking for is at:<BR><BR><BR>In particular: <BR><BR>If the script component is not registered on the local computer, you can use the script component moniker to create an instance of it. The moniker is supported in functions such as GetObject. The script component run-time, Scrobj.dll, must be registered on the local computer.<BR><BR>Note The GetObject function is not supported for script components in Microsoft® Internet Explorer for security reasons.<BR><BR>For example, the following illustrates how to call the Visual Basic GetObject function to create an instance of an unregistered script component:<BR><BR>Set oComponent = GetObject("script:c:COMMyComponent.wsc")<BR><BR>Wo rks on my IIS box with IIS4 and vbscript5.<BR>

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