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    hello<BR>i have the problem, that i need the nt user for an automatic login. now, if i have no anonymous login, i see the username with Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") or with AUTH_USER, but then i have a problem, because when a user which is not in the domain want to access the site, he always gets the login dialog box, what i don&#039t want. if i have anonymous login, then i don&#039t get the user name. the LOGON_USER and AUTH_USER are bouth empty.<BR>thanks a lot for help and sorry for the bad english<BR>andrew

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    Not answering your question, but I was wondering it you could tell me if its possible to have a webpage load up and instead of haveing the a domain login box appear, have the login values sotred in the asp page so that it will automatically log you in?

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