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    Shaun McC. Guest

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    I have read the article on this site for adding direct searches to external search-engines and have found it very useful (so thanks!). This redirects the user to the external search-engine page sending the query string as part of the URL. But! Can you display external search engine results on your own page...never redirecting the user from your site? I´m not sure about the legal implications of using an external search engine in this way... I guess a search engine like dogpile is already doing something similar to this and crediting the search engines it uses...Anyone?

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    fl1rt Guest

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    technically, yes you can do it - well, I&#039m doiing it anyway ;)<BR><BR>the problem is possibly one of copyright, though as you mention there are a number of "recognised" engines that crawl other engines and output their results. Engines like DirectHit have patented their ranking technology, so who&#039s to say that if you re-rank their results that you are not in breach of their system?<BR><BR>I&#039m not sure what partnership deals there are going on with these services - but with such a simple technique, I think it would be very hard to prevent any site from developing or using the technology and let&#039s face it, Do you think Altavista are going to be bothered of some little engine immitating their results???<BR>Not really, unless you started to become a major player...however!<BR><BR>If you look at the affiliate schemes that the "big players" offer, they are quite strict on the fact that their results, ordering, redirection and content is not changed from what they provide.<BR><BR>b.t.w.<BR>look out for my engine coming soon that let&#039s you surf the top 100 general, mp3, celebrity sites from one mega interface<BR> - it&#039s simpy stunning!

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