How do i get the month

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Thread: How do i get the month

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    bobby Guest

    Default How do i get the month

    I am very new to this SQL thing so can anybody help<BR>I have an sql database with a date field<BR>the contents is 18/10/2000 and all different dats<BR><BR>and im trying to select all the records for the current month <BR>how do i do it <BR><BR>myvar = month(now)<BR><BR>select from table where filed = &#039" & myvar & "&#039 <BR><BR>how would i get the month from the data base<BR><BR>can i cheet and use wild card like "?? & mayvar & ?? " or some thing<BR><BR>

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    Ryne Guest

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    Try this :<BR>"select * from table where month(field) = &#039" & var & "&#039"

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