Hi,<BR><BR>I would like to know if there is a way to limit the number of characters showing on my web pages from a field in the DB.<BR><BR>Example: I have a DB field with 100 words in it but I want to only show 20 of them (aprox. 150 characters) on a short description page. I then give them a link to the full description. Can this be done through ASP? <BR><BR>I currently have something similar working by posting one Scroll box into two DB fields. One that excepts all of the characters and one that will only take upto 150 characters. I then have the short description page showing infor from the 150 character DB field and the full description page pull the info from the DB field with all the info. However when I want to edit the description (Update) the DB it chocks when I try and post into the 150 character DB field.<BR><BR>I think that if I can limit the number of characters showing on the ASP page my problem could be solved. But I have never seen anything that shows if this can be done. Help Please!! I&#039m going nuts.. lol<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance. :-)