switching between languages in the same ASP page

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Thread: switching between languages in the same ASP page

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    mikemu Guest

    Default switching between languages in the same ASP page

    OK I have a ASP in vbs (that somebody else wrote) and I just want to put my jscript code into it. I can switch between the two in same page right? I have tried includes but that just shoves it inline and creates a problem with two &#060;%@language=..etc..%&#062; statements. What is the deal? Any help somebody gives me would be great<BR><BR>thanks

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    alphageek Guest

    Default Languages

    Hi Mike:<BR><BR> As long as your script is placed outside the &#060;%%&#062;s, it should not conflict with the ASP. In fact, I&#039ve created ASP pages that write JavaScript and even other ASP pages.<BR><BR> I think your server-side script can be activated simply by placing a language= with no @ before it, but I don&#039t normally use server-side jscript, either, so I&#039m not sure that&#039ll solve your problem.<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR>~Ben

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    MikeMu Guest

    Default RE: Thanks but one more thing..

    Thanks, i see what you&#039re saying but also my problem is that I want to execute some jscript that is going to assign a value to a Session variable. Is it cool to call Session Variables from outside the &#060;%..%&#062;? <BR><BR>

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    alphageek Guest

    Default Nope

    Hi again Mike:<BR><BR> Just go outside to your script and set a variable there equal to the session var: for example,<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"&#062;<BR><BR>myvar = &#060;%=Session("myvar")%&#062;;<BR><BR>...<BR><BR >Good Luck!<BR><BR>~Ben

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