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    I&#039m using ASPExec to try to run Notepad out of an ASP window. Notepad runs, but it is in a hidden window on the server. I set the option .showwindow to True, and I set the &#039World Wide Web Publishing Service&#039 option of &#039Allow service to interact with desktop&#039 to &#039checked&#039. I stopped and restarted the service, and also rebooted (later) the NT web server. I still can&#039t get the Notepad window to come up. Any suggestions ???????

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    are you trying to execute something on the client thorugh server script? it will never work<BR><BR>the only way to do that as far as i know is to place notepad on a shared folder on the server and have a file:\ link to the executable<BR><BR>that way the whole exe file will be sent to the user every time and you both have to be on the same filesharing network

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