I&#039ve posted here a few times about a problem I&#039m having with my Art Gallery which allows people to vote for artists&#039 images..I<BR>am trying to set up a cookie that restricts a user to only vote 8 times per month..I had it all set up right except the end of the<BR>month came and it didn&#039t seem to reset itself..Does anyone know where I could find a sample code that does this or could anyone write a quick setup for this...here is what I have..but it doesn&#039t seem to work correctly..please post or email replies if<BR>possible..<BR><BR>This is part of the asp file that is called when someone goes to vote....<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies("Votes") = "" then<BR>Response.Cookies("Votes") = 1<BR>Response.Cookies("Votes").Expires = EndOfMonth<BR>Else<BR>Response.Cookies("Votes") = Request.Cookies("Votes") + 1<BR>Response.Cookies("Votes").Expires = EndOfMonth<BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>just to let you know EndOfMonth is the following<BR>EndOfMonth = DateSerial(Year(BaseDate), Month(BaseDate) + 1, 0)<BR><BR>Thanks ahead of time! Email is rdraper@tla.com