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    Jean Withers Guest

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    Anyone know of info on &#039Flags&#039? - apparently used to flag wrongly filled in data in an input form.<BR><BR>Thanks, Jean Withers

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    SPG Guest

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    Last time I looked, "flag" was jargon for marking a variable (boolFlag5 = true) so that you can know from the variable whether or not an event has occurred, regardless of when.<BR><BR>Generally, it&#039s easiest to just handle the event when it occurs, but sometimes the flag can be used for something else.<BR><BR>Example:<BR> varValue = getUnknownValue(XYZ)<BR> &#039 If XYZ doesn&#039t go through, getUnknownValue returns empty.<BR> if isEmpty(varValue) then <BR> xyzExists = false &#039integer value of 0<BR> else<BR> xyzExists = cInt(varValue)<BR> end if<BR><BR>xyzExists is now a flag telling me if xyzExists *and*, if it does exist, will tell me what value xyz has.

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