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    How does one create a web site that automates the data entry on another web site without puttion tings in the URL of a redirect. Like I want to create a program that enters data into the text boxes and checkboxes of someone elses page and then submits the page. I know this probably gets totally away from ASP but does anyone know?

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    Default SendKeys or Cloning

    Hi Nate:<BR><BR> That is quite a task, and I can think of only two solutions:<BR><BR>The Easy Way:<BR> Create an ASP page that submits a querystring or form with elementnames identical to the page you wish to submit, then just submit it to the same page the other form submits to.<BR><BR>The Hard, Impractical Way:<BR> Create a component using VB that uses the SendKeys function, then call it client-side to open a browser window and send the exact keystrokes necessary to fill out and send the form. If you pull that one off, you might be God.<BR><BR>Good Luck, especially if you do it the hard way!<BR><BR>~Ben<BR>

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