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    Mark Cobb Guest

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    Does anyone know how to count how many days there are from the current date to, for example November 16th 2001?<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR><BR>Mark

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    Here&#039s the code:<BR><BR>noOfDays = datediff("d", date, "11/16/2001")

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    Mark Cobb Guest

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    Thanks for your help Peter, following on from that do you happen to know how to around the result of "nextnumber" up to the nearest whole number?<BR><BR>noOfDays = datediff("d", date, "5/4/2001")<BR><BR>nextnumber= (noOfDays - 14) / 30<BR><BR>Thankyou kindly,<BR><BR>Mark

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    Mark Cobb Guest

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    Oh I found the Response.Write formatnumber(nextnumber,0) fuction, <BR><BR>Thanks anyway...<BR><BR>Mark.

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