I need to write an ASP web page that let the user choose a link to a file. When the user clicks on the file, the browser should show show him/her a SAVE AS dialog box, with the name of the file.<BR>I could do this by writing an ASP PAGE that receives some parameters (dbname and other stuff) and changes the Response.ContentType = "application/MyApp-File".<BR>The problem is that the file name in the dialog box is GetFile.asp, wich is the name of the asp page.<BR>I would like to change the "GetFile.asp" name without making the user to type the correct name.<BR>Also tried to create a page with the name of the file and then redirect to it, but if the file extension is not ASP the user will receive the program wich sends him/her the file rather than the file content.<BR>Hope anyone cold help.<BR><BR>Thank you very much.