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    Sid Guest

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    Help!<BR><BR>I need to hyperlink to a WORD Template which has a *.DOT extension. In other words I want that common download box appearing on screen alowing the user to Download and save the file to their C: drive.<BR><BR>The problem I&#039ve got is that my Browser somehow detects the file and loads in a WORD plugin to view the file - can I stop this - All I want is to SAVE.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help, I appreciate it<BR><BR>S

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    Yeh IE loves doing stuff like that, its thinks it&#039s clever. I got around it by zipping every thing, a pain but it worked.<BR><BR>Pete

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    Adri Guest

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    How do I actually program the link/button that will show the "save as" box. <BR>Can you help me on this?<BR>THANKS!

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