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    John McArthur Guest

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    Hi, I&#039m a newbie to ASP etc, setting up my first web app.<BR>Can somebody please help me with this problem.<BR><BR>I open a recordset, change a field, try to update, and get an error. This is my code:<BR><BR> sqlText="Select * from bugs where bugs.BugID=" & p_BugID<BR> <BR> set UpdateSet=server.createobject("ADODB.recordset")<B R> sqlText,BugDb,adOpenDynamic,adLockOptimistic<BR><B R> UpdateSet("BugStatus")=1<BR><BR> UpdateSet.Update <BR><BR>And this is the error i&#039m getting:<BR> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80040e21&#039 <BR><BR>This occurs on the Update command.<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>Cheers John

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    KUMAR S Guest

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    This OLE DB Provider/ODBC Driver error occurs when you connect to Database. Check the DSN,UID,PWD again. <BR><BR>

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    John McArthur Guest

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    I&#039ve tried that but still get the problem. I&#039ve added some more error checking code and now get this:<BR><BR>Error Number=3219<BR>Error Descr.=The operation requested by the application is not allowed in this context.<BR>Help Context=0<BR>Source=Microsoft VBScript runtime error<BR><BR>Does anybody have any ideas?

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