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    I need to know if I can open manipulate an excel file with asp. I think I have seen it done but I can&#039t find where some info is for it. I need to have only certain fields be manipulated. Some of the fields from the excel file have formulas in them, can I just pull those formulas of should I re-created them in the ASP page. And also, I have created a System DSN for the excel file on my server. The excel file has multiple sheets in it. How do I specify what sheet to grad? And the sheet names have spaces in their names "June 99" of "July 99", how do I handle the spaces. Thanks for any and all help. Could you please paste some exapmle code of how to accomplish this.

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    ASP can indeed link to Excel files through ODBC. ASP treats each named range as a table, with the first row containing the field names for that table. So your first step is to highlight the data you want on each sheet and give it a name (insert->Name->define in Excel 97). You can then use SQL statements to pull the VALUES from the fields (the result of a formula will be calculated before the record set is passed to ASP). You can even use the query builder in Excel to write your SQL statements for you if you are not familiar with SQL syntax (and Excel&#039s implementation of it).<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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