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    Jean Withers Guest

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    Trying to delete with following lines - it&#039s passing the ID OK, so it has one parameter - how many does it want???!!!<BR><BR>&#060;%SQLstmt = "DELETE * from Nodes where ID=" & ID<BR>Set RS = conn.execute(SQLstmt)<BR><BR>Error message as follows:<BR>Database Errors Occurred<BR>DELETE * from Nodes where ID=63<BR><BR>Error #-2147217904<BR><BR>Error desc. -&#062; [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1.<BR><BR>Thanks, Jean Withers<BR>

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    KUMAR S Guest

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    Hi<BR> Check the syntax of SQL Statement<BR>"DELETE * from Nodes where ID=" & ID<BR>It should be "DELETE from Nodes where ID=" & ID<BR>It will delete the entire row for the corresponding ID from the<BR>Nodes table.<BR><BR>Try It out. If u get still any other problems you can post or reply to this one<BR><BR>KUMAR<BR>

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    Jean Withers Guest

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    Thanks Kumar, but I still get the same message. The DELETE * has worked OK before.<BR><BR>Jean

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