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    In my project he user requests various queries. An asp script creates a text file for each request which is then read by an external app. The app then writes the query result to a numbered text file, to be read by asp and sent to user html. What I need is an asp script that just iterates and captures the result files and renames them to &#060;SessionID&#062;.&#060;ReqNumber&#062;<BR>Thi s asp should run in parallel with the main asp that receives requests from the users and sends them result htmls when ready.<BR>Is this asp multitasking possible??

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    when you have written the result number to the new text file,<BR>you want to return that value to the user?<BR><BR>If I&#039m understanding right...<BR><BR>you can use the FileSystemObject to read the last entry in the text file and send it to the html output...

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