LARGER FONTS PLEASE..... (squint, squint) !!!

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Thread: LARGER FONTS PLEASE..... (squint, squint) !!!

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    Skippie Guest

    Default LARGER FONTS PLEASE..... (squint, squint) !!!

    Can you please make the fonts larger in the topic listings? <BR>This is the ONLY site that gives me eye strain... LITERALLY! <BR>I would rather scroll than squint. I&#039ve seen several other<BR>message boards that have the font size set to 2 and they look<BR>much better!<BR><BR>Another thing, could you please change the hyperlink colors?<BR>The light blue - lighter blue combination is HORRIBLE. It makes<BR>the text difficult to read, and it makes it hard to tell what<BR>topics I&#039ve already read. And why do the names and dates (next to<BR>the topic titles) have to be such a light gray color? Can&#039t the<BR>text be darker? I am sure that a lot of people out there agree<BR>with me on this one.<BR><BR>One more thing... I noticed that when I&#039m posting a new topic,<BR>the titles on the input boxs read: "RESPONSE TITLE", and <BR>"RESPONSE TEXT" as if I&#039m responding to another post. They<BR>should say: "TITLE" and "TEXT". Seems like some guru missed <BR>something here! <BR><BR>-- Skippie<BR> <BR>

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    Default RE: LARGER FONTS PLEASE..... (squint, squint) !!!

    Thank you for your suggestions. Hopefully a new messageboard system will be rolled out by the end of the summer, and your suggestions will help make it the best messageboard around!<BR><BR>Thanks again.

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    Skippie Guest

    Default RE: LARGER FONTS PLEASE..... (squint, squint) !!!

    Cool! Thanks for reading my message! Sorry if<BR>it seemed to be a little loud though.<BR><BR>I like this message board because one can submit<BR>a post without having to sign up. Otherwise, it<BR>probably wouldn&#039t get nearly as many hits. One <BR>problem though. Suppose someone submits an <BR>obnoxious post with my name on it with the purpose<BR>of making me look like an idiot. A ski resort in<BR>upstate New York has message boards on their web<BR>site, and this is what they do to resolve it. <BR>Whenever someone submits a post, his IP Address<BR>is captured, and is then displayed with his name<BR>on the message page.<BR><BR>Thanks Again,<BR><BR>-- Skippie

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    MonKeyJeff Guest

    Default One way to prevent people from making people look

    Users are allowed to register a username with a password<BR>how&#039s that?<BR>Then that will lessen the chances of that happening.<BR>Also, users can register with e-mail, so that they can be contacted via e-mail.<BR><BR>Here&#039s to the next message board! Cheers!

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    Skippie Guest

    Default RE: One way to prevent people from making people l

    It&#039s a good idea, except that it has a flaw. I&#039ve noticed that<BR>message boards that require people to submit personal info<BR>about themselves get a LOT fewer hits than the ones that don&#039t.<BR><BR>Without registering, people can allow themselves to be more <BR>candid, and be less afraid of asking silly but potentially<BR>good questions.<BR><BR>-- Skippie

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