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    somebody please help me out.I am making a web site,in that i have to retreive a different picture file for every user from the database sql 7.0 .<BR>how to do it<BR>some body give the code for that.

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    What I did was to upload all my graphics to the website and place them in an images directory.<BR>I then created an images table in my database and had a column which represented the image (for each row I put in the image name, i.e. mypic.gif). I then inserted a foreign key into my clients table which linked to the images table so that I had a relationship between the image table and client table.<BR><BR>Then in my asp code I identified the contact and hence got the filename for that user.<BR><BR>Then on the asp page<BR><BR>&#060;img src="../images/&#060;%= rs("imagename")%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>Sorry I&#039m not to clever at explaining these things but I hope this will help you to some degree.<BR><BR>Good luck

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    Some people will store the images into the database directly, but<BR>it&#039s clunky and Jim&#039s answer is a much better way of doing it.<BR><BR>-- Skippie

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