I have created an Access 2000 database on NT (IIS4) server and set up the a DSN for it.<BR><BR>When I tried to insert a new record into a table (using addnew method), I got a message "database or object is read-only". I have open the recordset in editable mode, there should be no problem on this part. <BR><BR>Actually when I give account IUSR_myserver "write" access to the database file, the problem disapears and the ASP script works fine. <BR><BR>But this is surely not the correct way, right? I have two IIS4 servers and I don&#039t need to give IUSR_myserver "write" access on the other server (but on that server it is a access 97 database).<BR><BR>Anything wrong with the Access database ODBC driver?