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    How do you use vbcrlf within a asp page ?<BR>I dont get the line break when I use it.

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    If your using it to get html to carrage return then nothing will happen. However if you are using it for a database string or something then you smiply use it like this:<BR><BR>MyVar = "They call me" & vbcrlf & "Mellow Yellow!"<BR><BR>an alternative is to use the carrage return character it&#039s self, well its ascii value any way, like so:<BR><BR>MyVar = "They call me" & chr(13) & "Mellow Yellow"<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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    If you use it to write a message for an email it will work.<BR><BR>-- Skippie<BR>

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    If you want a line break on the html form write:<BR>&#060;% Reponse.Write ("<BR>") %&#062;

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    Bob Ellison Guest

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    Thanks for the 3 answers gentlemen.<BR><BR>Yes I was trying to use it to get html to line break.<BR><BR>Still need to get my head around the fact that the <BR>ASP code turns into html......

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