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    Hi:<BR>I would like to know more about encoding/encrypting ASP source code. I have come across one article on microsoft&#039s "screnc.exe" encoder but that doesn&#039t explain what exactly is encrypted/encoded in the ASP page, performance impact on the server etc. Also, seems like there is a company called ServerObjects. Wasn&#039t able to go to their site though. Thanks.<BR><BR> shailesh<BR>

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    screnc.exe changes the @language to vb(js)script.encoded and it encodes all of the script on the page.<BR><BR>There is no unencoder, so don&#039t do it to your origional files.<BR><BR>There are options to allow you to only encode specific sections of the page.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Another problem: it is encoded using a single key. While this key is large, and *should* never be cracked/discovered, if it is anyone can view any encoded ASP page with that single key.

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