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    I want to create an application with multiple drop-down boxes that receive data from an Oracle database. <BR><BR>For example, I have a drop-down box1 that would display all the orderID from an Orders table and when the user selects an Order, it would then retrieve all the Items associated to that order and display them in the second drop-down box. <BR><BR>I use a COM object to retrieve the data from my Oracle database to write out the OPTION VALUE part of the SELECT tag for the first drop-down box. However, I&#039m not sure how to write the data for the second drop-down box when the user selects an order. If I have to rewrite the page, how does that affect the first drop-down box without having to hit the database again for the same data?<BR><BR>Thank you very much for your help!!!!!<BR><BR>Michael

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    Franco Guest

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    Michael<BR><BR>Have you looked at using frames or page objects/remote cripting? Both mean a less hits to the database but are a bit less straightforward.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>Franco

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    KUMAR S Guest

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    If u use Frames concept you can easily do that. You need not call the same asp page and it won&#039t hit the database again. With that Frameset tag concept you can call asp page which will display other drop-down box.<BR><BR>kumar

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    Thank you Kumar. I did think about that, but what if there are more than two, would you then use #frames per #frames? How efficient and what are performances issues with multiple frames?<BR><BR>Thank you again, <BR>Michael

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