I&#039m a 17 year old self taught ASP guru looking for either contract work or a job that will challenge me and allow me to build my portfolio. I know HTML, ASP, and VBScript very well and I&#039ve been dabbling in SQL Server and JavaScript.<BR><BR>I&#039m based in North Central Massachusetts. I am willing to telecomute, comute up to 20 miles, or do contract work. I am avaliable after 3:00 PM weekdays until June 16. After June 16 I will be able to work full time.<BR><BR>I made http://www.strongridge.com/ for a canadian distributor two years ago and I am currently working on a boating portal for New Hampshire, which can be seen in its infancy at http://www.boatnh.com/beta.<BR><BR>Please contact me at ahopper@boatnh.com.