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    John Tamburo Guest

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    Picture a select list filled with cat breeds. User selects a cat breed.<BR><BR>Picture the next select list filled with cat colors FOR THAT BREED. The color table on the SQL SERVER database contains colors listed by breed.<BR><BR>Is there any way to restrict the color select list items to the few we need short of another trip to the server? I have no problem putting only 300 records out to the client, but is there a COMPATIBLE Javascript or some other way to restrict the available options (eg. if color&#039s breed ID equals the value of BREED show the value otherwise forget it)???<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>John

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    Franco Guest

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    J.<BR><BR>I personally would use frames and get the second frame to re-interrogate the db based on the first select box&#039s value. But you could always fill out an array and then get JS to use that array each time you updated the first select bix. You&#039ll need to use remote scripting tho&#039 and that&#039s a bit too prone to f***-ups for my tastes.<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR>Franco

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