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    Kate Guest

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    Hi there all,<BR><BR>I am newish to asp and even newer to using javascript to generate forms.<BR>However, I decided to use javascript code to create dynamic menus which work well, until I came to the part of submitting the form.<BR>There is a link pointing to the javascript:submitForm()function.<BR>This function contains a document.myForm.submit() command.<BR><BR>How to I get this to submit to my next asp page??<BR><BR>Please help<BR>

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    alphageek Guest

    Default Passing values between pages

    Hi Kate:<BR><BR> To submit to your next page, in the FORM tag you must add ACTION="mynextpage.asp" and METHOD={GET&#124POST}. Get is less secure and involves request.querystring to get your values back, Post is more secure and uses request.form.<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR>~Ben

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