I&#039m using an ASP search engine in the Page of a Shopping Center, it&#039s only for the users to search the stores to see wich have the product they are looking for ...<BR>Well, pretty good, it&#039s working very wel, but now the Shopping owner wants to know what kind of produt most people are loking for.<BR>I thought about create a single text file, then append the search string to it everytime someone do a search. I know it is not the best solution, but it&#039s enough.<BR><BR>Something like this:<BR><BR>Nº (a progressive counter) :<BR>Date/Hour :<BR>IP Nº :<BR>Search String :<BR><BR>everything is very simple, but I got stuck in the append part of the code...<BR>Can someone give me a little help ?<BR><BR>I need to know the correct way to open the file and then write the lines into that, i know it is easy, but I am new in this ASP stuff.<BR><BR><BR>P.S. Sorry for the poor english, I&#039m a brazilian guy that ran away from the english classess