I found this text in a website. What&#039s means? Is it dangereous?<BR>The NT 4 Option Pack ships with a particular ISAPI .dll in<BR>/_vti_bin/_vti_aut/ named dvwssr.dll, which is mixed in with the Microsoft<BR>FrontPage extensions (the version I have is This particular<BR>.dll allows you to read .asp (and .asa) files under the web root,<BR>providing you know the &#039password&#039 (obfuscated encoding scheme) of which to<BR>ask it. And, as implied by the title, the constant key used in the<BR>encoding is "Netscape engineers are weenies!".<BR><BR>I&#039ve been told that dvwssr.dll is a component of the NT 4 Option Pack, to<BR>be used with InterDev 1.0. Therefore deleting it will affect InterDev<BR>1.0&#039s &#039View Links&#039 function. Also, the default permissions don&#039t allow<BR>for anonymous users to use the .dll--however, anyone with web authoring<BR>can, and I&#039ve seen few sites that have allowed permission (which is more<BR>due to a misconfiguration on their part). As Microsoft has told me, the<BR>immediate problem is moreso the fact that any developer of one particular<BR>virtual site can download the .asp code of other virtual sites on the same<BR>system.<BR>The address of the website is : http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp/p/doc.asp?id=45&iface=1. There is a perl script but i don&#039t know how to use it. Explication?<BR>Nicolas<BR>nicvek@hotmail.com<BR>