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    Kass Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>Any ideas as to how i can incorporate hyperlinks in aspemail from ..<BR><BR>what i want to do is when the email is sent out, there is a link to view a record with a ref number with it. i.e<BR><BR>http://www.??????.com/viewrecord.asp?recordID=x <BR><BR>The x will be the recordID retrieved from the database. <BR>I want to make the above part of the email that is sent out.<BR><BR>Any ideas<BR><BR>Thanks

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    look at this link<BR><BR><BR><BR>will definetely helps.

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    Kass Guest

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    Thanks for that. <BR><BR>I dont know if it will work, as the example is based on CDONTS, and the email component i am using is AspEmail.<BR><BR>Kass

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