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    david medina Guest

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    i&#039m using radio buttons in a form<BR>so how can i "connect" this to my database?<BR>i mean.. how can i get the value form 15 arrays <BR>of 5 radiobuttons each one? where the value of each<BR>array goes to a field in the DB..<BR>i.e.: suposse a dot it´s a radio button:<BR><BR>1) ..... -&#062; go to "quest1" in the table<BR>2) ..... -&#062; go to "quest2" <BR>3) ..... -&#062; go to "quest3" <BR>4) .....<BR>and so on..<BR><BR>please, helpme and excuse my newbieness..<BR>send a copy of your advice to<BR><BR>thank you very much<BR>

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    christine Guest

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