Dynamic creation of thumbnails WITHOUT components

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Thread: Dynamic creation of thumbnails WITHOUT components

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    Robert Kane Guest

    Default Dynamic creation of thumbnails WITHOUT components

    I know there are components (ASPImage) that do this, but that is not an option for me.<BR><BR>Can it be done without SS components? If so, do you care to share. Thanks, robert.kane@usaa.com

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    Default RE: Dynamic creation of thumbnails WITHOUT compone

    are you just trying to display all images from a specific folder at a given size of say, a of width=100 and a height=100??<BR>please provide more details of what you are wanting to do

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    Robert Kane Guest

    Default RE: Dynamic creation of thumbnails WITHOUT compone

    I want to allow people to upload images to a directory on my site. I know how to do this using html form and asp. <BR><BR>However, when I display the image, I first want to display a thumbnail, rather than the actual image (for quicker downloading). The problem is how to create the thumbnail?<BR><BR>Here are my options as I see them:<BR><BR>1. Simply set the height/width properties of the img tag. This takes just as long as displaying the actual image - Sometimes referred to as "Dumbnails"<BR><BR>2. Create the thumbs by hand. I would prefer to shy away from this option.<BR><BR>3. Find a component to install server-side to automatically generate thumbnails. My web host will not allow this.<BR><BR>4. Create/find a function that would allow this to be done. An actual thumbnail file does not necessarily need to be created, per se. Ideally, I would pass the image file (along with other parameters) to a function that would compress the image to a certain size, then display that compressed version of the image.<BR><BR>Number 4 is the option I am trying to pursue, I just don&#039t know how to do it.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Rob

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default correct me if I'm wrong,...

    but didn&#039t 4Guys just release an article from Mike today regarding reading and displaying image files with ASP only ?

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    Rob Kane Guest

    Default Yes - but not creating new images from existing im


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