Delete record from "rstemp"?

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Thread: Delete record from "rstemp"?

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    Wim Hufkens Guest

    Default Delete record from "rstemp"?

    There is a bunch of crap in "rstemp" (received from query).<BR>How can I delete a record from it?<BR>For example:<BR>DO UNTIL rstemp.eof<BR> if rstemp(2)="text" then<BR> &#039delete record from rstemp =&#062; How?<BR> end if<BR> rstemp.movenext<BR>LOOP<BR><BR><BR>

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    Martin Wingert Guest

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    Try to use the method Delete in the RecordSet-object:<BR>rstemp.Delete<BR>The method should delete the current record.

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    Wim Hufkens Guest

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