Here is the Problem:<BR><BR>I have a form and it has 2 images which should act as a submit button and each button calls different<BR>form. say 1.asp and 2.asp<BR><BR>I used &#060;input type="image"&#062; and called the pages correctly but the problem is, those 2 images have<BR>javascript rollovers. If i use the input type=image javascript rollover is not working.<BR><BR>also i tried to submit the form using javascript function...say like<BR><BR>function test()<BR>{<BR>document.formname.submit()<BR>}<BR> <BR>and i was trying to call it inside the &#060;a href&#062; of the image where the rollover functions are called<BR>but it is also not working.<BR><BR>can anyone solve this...nearly 6 people have given a try and could not solve it.<BR>