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    mark taylor Guest

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    I know you guys are going to go UGHHHH! but I am new to this and have been thrown in at the deep end :-)).<BR>I have created asp pages to add, delete and edit access 2k db&#039s and all works fine, all I need to do now is convert these asp pages and the databases to SQL server 7. What is the right road I should be going down in order to complete these tasks quickly and correctly?

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    Scott S Guest

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    I&#039m sure that everyone will have their own opinion upon the best way to do this. I don&#039t have much experience converting Access 2k to SQL Server, i would reccomend trying the upsizing wizard. What i can reccomend however is that you modify your asp pages to use stored procedures for your data access. Stored procedures are much much faster (i have heard as much as 25%), but the speed aside they provide you with more modular code. Much better scalablity & security and are much much easier to debug (at least i think so) <BR><BR>hope that helps<BR>Scott S<BR>

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    Mark taylor Guest

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    Hi Scott<BR>Having just read your Email I will investigate the upsizing tool (if I can find any info on it) and get back to you on it, the procedures route I have concidered but I know nothing about it and how to go about implementing it so I guess I have a lot of research time owing to me:-)))<BR>Thanks for your input in this matter and hopefully I( can get back to you (if I am not lost under a load of books)<BR>Mark

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