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    Is there a set format for outputing the results of a select query, or does it all depend on what the query is?<BR><BR>

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    From my knowledge of working with ASP for the last month, the answer is YES. There are different ways of outputing the results of a query .....<BR><BR>If you have something like this.......<BR>SQL="SELECT fname, lname, id from table WHERE..."<BR>response.write SQL<BR>DbObj.Execute SQL<BR><BR>Response.Write oRs("fname")<BR>Response.Write oRs("lname")<BR>Response.Write oRs("id")<BR><BR>OR, if you want the output in a table you do this.....<BR>&#060;%=oRs("First_Name") %&#062; between each &#060;td&#062; tags<BR><BR>or you can set fields as variables like this.....<BR><BR>Form_FName=oRs("fname")<BR>Form_L Name=oRs("lname")<BR>and output the variable instead<BR><BR>Another thing. If your SQL goes like this....<BR>SQL="SELECT fname As FirstName, lname As LastName FROM table..."<BR>then you output the Alias like this....<BR>response.write " & oRs("FirstName")<BR>response.write " & oRs("LastName")<BR><BR>I hope i answered your question. Good Luck

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