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    Paul O. Schenker Guest

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    Can somebody give me code hints for VBScript-ASP-Code to let the visitor of a page "send the page by E-Mail"?<BR>Thanks a lot for suggestions.<BR>Paul

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    Well you:<BR>get yourself an EMail component or you use CDO NTS or CDO.<BR>Then you look at the documentation that comes with it.<BR>You then submit your form to the server in the same way as normal, format your text to the way you want it and then provide your mail component with the required data.<BR>

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    Paul O. Schenker Guest

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    Thanks for the reply. Alas, this does not solve my problem. I just want to place a button on my page and when the user clicks it, the same action should be triggered as when he selects &#060;Send Page by E-Mail&#062; or &#060;Send Link by E-Mail&#062; from the File Menu. I think that IE ought to offer some COM-Interface to do just that.

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