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    Eitan Davis Guest

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    While the client views the html result of one script <BR>(e.g. query 1), I would like to run another script (query 2) so that when the client requests query 2 the result had already been compiled by asp. <BR>Is this possible?<BR>Many thanks in advance.

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    Try this:<BR><BR>You can put your html output into first subroutine. <BR>Put your query into a second subroutine.<BR><BR>From the asp page call the first subroutine<BR>then call the second subroutine.<BR><BR>The asp page will render the html output and then move onto the query while the user is viewing the output.

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    Eitan Davis Guest

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    Thanks, but actually the scenario is a bit more complex:<BR>There are several queries the user can select, where each query script produces a csv data file. My intention was to produce these data files while the user views the first query he selected. The solution I am attempting now is to list these data file names in a dictionary object where the key is &#060;SessionId&#062;&&#060;ThisQueryNumber&#06 2; and the item is the filename given by the database engine that created the data, so i can send the user the appropriate data on request. <BR>The broblem now is that it seems that I cannot set an application variable as a dictionary object. The asp error is:<BR>Application object error &#039ASP 0197 : 80004005&#039 <BR>Disallowed object use <BR>/ASP/setreq.asp, line 89 <BR>Cannot add object with apartment model behavior to the application intrinsic object. <BR>

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