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    Savage Guest

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    I get an error when trying to view my webcam age. <BR><BR>It say on line 60 document.form0 is not an object. I don&#039t understand why not. Looks it to me. WHAT AM I MISSING. I know it&#039s right there but I can&#039t debug it. Little help?<BR>

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    Bruno Santos Guest

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    hi Savage!<BR><BR>try assigning the startClock() function to the onload event of BODY tag:<BR><BR>&#060;BODY ..... onload="javascript:startClock()"&#062;<BR><BR>or use this script block (better):<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT language="javascript" for="document" event="onreadystatechange"&#062;<BR>if (document.readyState == &#039complete&#039)<BR> startClock();<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR><BR>maybe what&#039s happening is that your INPUT tag is not created yet (or should i say, it&#039s null, not yet defined) at first time you reference it (when you directly call the startClock() function after declaring the tag). the reason for it could be the TABLE where the tag is contained.<BR><BR><BR>Bruno (

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    Savage Guest

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    yea but the funny thing is that if you goto...<BR><BR> it uses the same function as...<BR> except it gives me an error at line 60<BR>you can view the error here...<BR><BR><BR>ANY HELP???? <BR>

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    Bruno Santos Guest

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    I&#039ve just left your page "", and no error found...<BR>the only problem, i think, is the filename, which remains the same, leading the browser not to reload it. the picture is completely still.<BR><BR>Bruno (

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