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    achin Guest

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    how to create a discussion forum ?

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    This is how we do it!

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    fl1rt Guest

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    there is some basic source available at this site if you use the search feature!<BR><BR>there is also some recursive FREE source at:-<BR><BR>http://asp101.com<BR><BR>The chances are though that you will need a professionally built packages as the script for a decent message board system is very involved.<BR><BR>you can get this board used at 4Guys for ~$350<BR><BR>http://DougDean.com <BR><BR>or I&#039m building an open source &#039cool message board system&#039 that will be available at the end of this month, that is simply stunning for less than $100<BR><BR>http://CoolMB.com

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    Opal Guest

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    Send me an e-mail when your bulletin board is finish. I may be interested, preycious@aol.com

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