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    Hi!<BR>I keep getting Access denied errors for this code, which by the way is pretty much a copy of one of Persist&#039s Software sample code. <BR><BR>Note: all the directories have the same permissions, eg. Full Control for all! However, it is the File.Copy line which indicates Access denied. Anyway, here is the code:<BR><BR>---<BR>Count = Upload.SaveVirtual("/docs/development")<BR> <BR> <BR> response.write "&#060;p&#062;"<BR> response.write "files uploaded..."<BR> response.write Count<BR><BR> &#039 Copy all uploaded files to other dir<BR> For Each File in Upload.Files<BR> File.CopyVirtual("/docs/messaging")<BR> File.Delete &#039 delete from upload directory<BR> Next<BR><BR>----<BR>Does anyone know what might be going wrong? The file gets uploaded into the first dirctory, but then fails to be copied into the docs/messaging directory. <BR><BR>I&#039m at a loss to explain the Access denied error.<BR><BR>Any help appreciated.<BR><BR>JT <BR>

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    You have to have write permissions on the directory that you are uploading the files to

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