I have a project that requires us to do file uploading to the file server. It is okay if all I want is file upload. However I need to capture additional information on the form along with the file, such as a file description. This is the limitation on VBScript when using the ASP Response method BinaryRead.<BR><BR>Normally we use the ASP&#039s Request.Form to access other elements on the form, such as textbox, listbox, etc. However we face the inability to use this method after using the Request.BinaryRead method. And we need the BinaryRead to send the file data. What&#039s more the BinaryRead can&#039t be used after using the Request.Form method. In other word, I am faced with a situation, if I use the Request.Form method to get the file description first, I can no longer use the Request.BinaryRead method to get the file data.<BR><BR>I understand that there are some components distributed in the net fpor a fee, such as Software Artisans. But is there any other solution from the experts out there? I need help urgently.<BR><BR><BR><BR>